Marine Warranty Survey (MWS)


MWS can provide valuable experience of marine operations to reduce the overall risk of the project for the benefit of all stakeholders. SCOPE *3rd Party verification service on the transportation and installation aspects of a project at the request of the project insurers. *Satisfies the warranty clause on insurance policies *Certified by the Society of Offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors (SOMWS) *Combined approach MWS and certification-IVB-CVA SERVICES INCLUDE *Technical documentation review *Attendance of the loadout, seafastening, transportation and installation of major components and structures *Review of cable spooling and installation operations including lay, hook up and pull-in at termination *Providing an integrated, efficient and complimentary services with certification, IVB / CVA and MWS, minimizing overlap of the various requirements while satisfying the requirements of all stakeholders.