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Port of Tyne and the wider River Tyne offers the combination of close proximity to lucrative deep water areas and natural physical features - like wide, unrestricted sea access and drafts of over 12m – only a handful of UK ports offer this flexibility and deliver a much greater ROI to operators. 

The Port of Tyne, and Tyne Clean Energy Park, offer unrestricted, lock-free access to berths, no width, height or beam restrictions and 13m draught alongside for floating offshore companies. There are a number of opportunities available to the floating offshore wind market at the Port of Tyne.

The Tyne is home to an existing offshore cluster with organisations such as Smulders, A&P and Shepherds contributing to a well-established offshore energy supply chain.

Given its importance to the entire region, the Port also benefits from unique partnerships with Newcastle International Airport, Nexus (local transport authority) and the Local Enterprise Partnership, giving our customers access to some of the most strategic transport infrastructure companies in the North East.

The Port of Tyne is viewed as one of the most progressive in the UK. We opened the UK’s first - and still the only - Maritime 2050 Innovation Hub and are working collaboratively with some of the biggest and best innovation companies to solve industry problems.  Our intentionally ambitious 'Tyne 2050' strategy includes targets such as 'Carbon Neutral by 2030', 'Double Diversity by 2030' and 'All Electric by 2040'.

Health, Safety & Environmental Management are key areas of focus at the Port. Our commitment to achieving Zero Harm by 2022 is central to our safety strategy; we already have the ISO 14001 accreditation and this year became the first UK port to achieve the ISO 44001 accreditation. We are also the only UK port to have an internationally accredited pilotage service and are the UK’s designated ‘port of refuge’ in times of adverse weather, due to the natural shelter that the harbour provides. 

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